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In 2009, the key diabetes associations1 recommended expanding the utility of haemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) testing to include not only monitoring glycaemic control but also diagnosing diabetes and pre-diabetes.

The Siemens Healthcare DCA VantageTM Analyser with the DCA VantageTM HbA1c Reagent Cartridge, used for more than two decades to monitor patients, can now be used as an aid to diagnose diabetes and identify patients at risk for developing the disease.


What are the accepted clinical guidelines?2

  • Pre-diabetic or at-risk patients should make lifestyle changes to stay in the safe range.
  • Diabetic patients should keep HbA1c levels below 7% to minimize the risk of diabetes complications. More–or less–stringent goals may be assigned based on the patient profile.
  • HbA1c levels should be measured every 3 months to monitor glycaemic control.


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