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DCA Vantage™ HbA1c Reagent Cartridges

DCA Vantage™ HbA1c Reagent Cartridges

$135.00 (excl. GST)

ARTG #176642

Intended Use

The DCA VantageTM HbA1c Reagent Cartridge is designed to quantitatively measure the percent of Haemoglobin A1c in blood and must be used in conjunction with the DCA VantageTM Analyser.

The measurement of haemoglobin A1c concentration is recommended for monitoring the long-term care of persons with diabetes. 

This HbA1c test can also be an aid to diagnose diabetes and identify patients at risk for developing diabetes.

This assay is not suitable to diagnose patients with:

  • A haemoglobinopathy, but normal red cell turnover. For example, a sickle cell trait.
  • Abnormal red cell turnover. For example, anaemia’s from haemolysis and iron deficiency.
  • Iron deficiency  and  haemolytic  anaemia,  various haemoglobinopathies,  thalassemias,  hereditary  spherocytosis, malignancies, and severe chronic hepatic and renal disease.

The DCA VantageTM Haemoglobin A1c assay is intended for professional in vitro diagnostic use at the point of care.

In-office HbA1c Results Improve Diabetes Decision Making, Patient Compliance, and Outcomes

Clinical studies show that in-office HbA1c results improve decision making,1 patient compliance,2 and outcomes. “The immediate feedback of HbA1c results at the time of patient encounters resulted in a significant improvement of glycemic control at 6-month follow-up and persisted for the 12-month study.”3

In-office HbA1c testing helps you more efficiently manage your patient. It may also reduce the effort and time needed to sort, send, receive, and collate lab samples and reports.

Choose your system for accuracy and more

An in-office HbA1c system should give you highly accurate results.

In addition, look for:
• Simplified test procedure with no reagent preparation.
• Simple and flexible specimen collection.
• A system that can also report out IFCC units if required.
• A robust, easily tailored data management system that supports the way your office works.
• Ability to enter patient and operator ID.
• Ability to utilise QC reminders and QC lockout.
• Minimal maintenance.


Top Reasons Why 75% of Doctors Choose the Siemens DCA VantageTM Analyser4

  • National Glycohaemoglobin Standardization Program (NGSP) certified and traceable to International Federation of Clinical Chemistry (IFCC) reference materials and test methods.
    • Comparable accuracy to lab HbA1c tests.
    • Simplicity: no reagent preparation, 6 minutes to results, and self-prompting screens.
    • Flexible specimen collection: only requires 1 μL of capillary or venous blood sample.
    • Decision support: immediate results allow convenient treatment plan adjustments. Additional features include A1c trend graphs and early detection/monitoring of kidney disease (with the optional urine microalbumin/creatinine test).
    • Robust, flexible data management: enter patient and operator ID, print or transfer records to EMR/LIS, flash drive, PC, etc. — all through the easy to use touchscreen display. Stores up to 4,000 records.
    • QC reminder and lockout options: allows the user to easily and conveniently validate system and test result accuracy.
    • Excellent track record and low maintenance.

DCA VantageTM Control Sample Precision Data5

An in-house study was conducted to assess precision for the DCA HbA1c test.


  • A total of 2160 tests were conducted by testing three different levels of clinical samples in duplicate twice per day over 20 days and across three DCA VantageTM Analyser using three (3) different lots of DCA HbA1c reagent.



% HbA1c
Mean Value

mmol/mol HbA1c
Mean Value

% CV    




















  • These results demonstrate very tight precision with coefficient of variation (CVs) of 2.0% or less.

1Thaler LM, Ziemer DC, Gallina DL, et al. Diabetes in urban African-Americans. XVII. Availability of rapid HbA1c measurements enhances clinical decision-making. Diabetes Care. 1999;22:1415-1421.
2Miller CD, Barnes CS, Phillips LS, et al. Rapid A1c availability improves clinical decision-making in an urban primary care clinic. Diabetes Care. 2003;26:1158-1163.
3Cagliero E, Levina DV, Nathan DM. Immediate feedback of HbA1c levels improves glycemic control in Type 1 and insulin-treated Type 2 diabetic patients. Diabetes Care. 1999;22:1785-1789.
4 GHX Market Intelligence, market data report. 4Q 2012 report.
5 DCA System Hemoglobin A1c Reagent Kit Instructions for Use, Part Number 10698776.


 Haemoglobin A1c (whole blood): Range: 4mmol/mol to 130 mmol/mol (2.5% to 14%)

ARTG#: 176642

Unit of measure 10 per pack
Height 9cm
Width 21cm
Depth 14cm
Weight 384g




Product will have 18 months expiry from Siemens date of shipment.

Product requires cold chain storage of temperatures between 2-8°C.

Product is stable for up to 3 months at 15-25°C.

How to store reagents


Please refer to DCA VantageTM Analyser FAQS


All education and training for the DCA VantageTM Analyser is available exclusively online. Please refer to the following tools:

    1. Complimentary diabetes and kidney disease app for iPhone or iPad

      Download Diabetes and Kidney Disease AppDownload Diabetes Clinical Care from App Store




      2. PEPconnect : Online, virtual competency-based education training for Siemens products.

        Go to PEP Connect training




        PEPconnect is a technologically advanced, virtual, competency-based education and training solution that focuses on increasing the knowledge, skills, and abilities of each individual user - ultimately reducing the time to achieve job competency.  Through this customisable approach, individual learners can plan, achieve, and maintain proficiency standards directly from any device at their convenience.

        • Access education and real-time performance support, anytime, anywhere, on any device.
        • Construct your personalised learning experience.
        • Share and connect your learning experience with others.
        • Utilise an intuitive interface.


          3. POCkit: Just in time educational information for healthcare professionals performing diagnostic testing at the point-of-care

            Go to POCkit



            Siemens POCkit™ is a web based education solution designed for healthcare professionals performing point-of-care testing.   It provides immediate access to the latest topics, videos, and links to access information on how to use Siemens POC testing solutions.

            • Connects people to knowledge, with just-in-time performance support, anytime, anywhere from any device.
            • Quick and easy for healthcare professionals to find the information they need when operating our POC instruments
            • Incorporate training materials directly into your hospital Learning Management Systems or share knowledge directly through email, text, or social media channels.



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